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Wow, I was really knocked out. So progressive, sophisticated, some songs were very evocative, particularly Michael Kisur’s songs. I can’t stop singing “Permanent Smile” [by Terry Silverlight and Ellison Chase]. Foot tapping, groovy, provocative. I loved it!

Ilene Kristen (“Roxy” from One Life To Live)
New York

I think for us soap fans, hearing these songs is great because it’s like connecting to the soap and the event that transpired at the time of the song and it’s a great feeling.

Sue, soap fan

I ordered all three soap CDs last month. Powerful imagery! Absolutely mesmerizing. Each and every song expresses a spontaneous feeling from the heart. ...In all honesty these songs on the Soap CDs are very much a part of real life issues. We struggle with fear, happiness, sadness, loneliness, love and abandonment here in the world of reality and that’s what makes these CDs so astonishing. They convey a story about feelings of real life people. So please, I beg you to continue pleasuring us with wonderful Soapsongs CDs performed by amazing singers that otherwise would be lost to us. Thank You for this beautiful gift collection!

Annette, soap fan

I can’t stop listening to it...it’s awesome!!!

Diane, soap fan
New York

I received my CDs 2 days after ordering them and I’m very pleased - thank you. The words to “Sunshine” are more clear on the CD then they are in Daniel and Lily’s scene - not that I didn’t love the scene - it was sooooo beautiful...Some parts of the song I feel like it’s my father talking to me from heaven above. Thanks again.

Tracy M.V., soap fan
New York

My favorite song is featured on the All My Children Songs of the Soaps CD. "Hands Off My Man" performed by Amanda Homi is not only a great song to sing and dance along with, but I also think its message is something every girl can relate to. No one likes it when another girl is trying to take your boyfriend, and this song pumps you up and gets you ready to fight for your man. Bring on the catfight!!

Jessica K., soap fan

My Favorite song is Sunshine....Because I think so many [people] out there can truly understand the meaning of this song....the words are truly remarkable and can touch anyone who’s having life’s problems.

Olivia R, soap fan
New York

“Sunshine” is romantic and exquisitely beautiful and evocative. It’s the best the best SOAPSONG ever!!

Michael M., soap fan

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