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Songs of the Soaps/The Young and the Restless is a nice collection of pop songs, many of them romantic ballads. If you are a fan of the show, the CD will be a memorable keepsake of some of the most intriguing storylines over the last few years.

Connie Phillips, music editor

Favorite Songs Heard on One Life To Live is a really great CD! Fans of OLTL will be happy to know that now you can have the music from your show for your very own. It's got feeling, it's catchy, and it brings back memories from some of my favorite scenes on OLTL.

Linda Marshall-Smith, editor

These CD's are a great start to a whole new collection of songs from the soaps. Not only are they full of great music that stands on its own, but they also bring back memories of great soap storylines and characters that fans loved. So, you get a double bonus - good music and good memories.

Deborah Horton, “All Lathered Up” column

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