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Welcome to a very special world — the Songs of the Soaps™!

Fans have been asking for them for a long time, and they haven’t let up. We said: “Someday we will” — and that day has finally arrived! They’re here — three compilation CDs, each with 12 of your favorite songs heard on The Young and the Restless, All My Children and One Life To Live.

And this is just the beginning — many more albums are on the way!

TV viewers of all ages know there is nothing like the drama, suspense, intrigue, heartache and romance of the daytime soap operas, one of the oldest and most popular forms of television programming. And as every long-time soap fan also knows, the music played on those shows has a lot to do with the emotional impact of the stories.

SoapSongs.com™ was formed for the specific purpose of putting out on CD some of the most loved and most requested songs heard on the soaps over the past several years.

Ever since the first one of these songs was heard on The Young and the Restless in 1999, that show has gotten calls and emails from fans around the world asking “How can I get that song? I’ve looked for it everywhere, but I can’t find it anywhere!” Over the years, the request file for that and several other shows has grown heavy with disappointed fans. But you don’t have to be disappointed anymore!

If you watched The Young and the Restless from 2000-2002, how could you ever forget Billy and Mac’s song “Peace” with its haunting chorus that began “Peace -- it’s hard to come by...” played on countless occasions to underscore the pain of their ill-fated love?

Calls flooded the phone lines at One Life To Live on Mother’s Day 2003 when the song “Mama, I Would” played over a beautiful montage of all the mothers of Llanview with their children.

And how about the song “My Baby” playing on All My Children the day Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee found the crashed helicopter site where Bianca, Babe and the baby were?

These and countless other songs singled out by the fans as “the best songs” made it hard to pick just 12 songs from each show. But we chose some of those we know will take you back to a special place and time in a way that only music can. And if your particular favorite doesn’t happen to be included on these first three discs, most likely it will be on a later one.

We know that many of you have worn out your videotapes listening over and over to those scenes where parts of these songs have played. Now you can finally hear the whole song from beginning to end. These CDs will take you where the scenes left you hanging - and let you hear every word for the first time.

These songs were chosen by the shows because they expressed the pains and passions of the storylines with their haunting words and melodies. Written by exceptionally talented songwriters and performers, they sound familiar, like songs you’ve heard on the radio. But most of them aren’t available in stores, and fans of the music have had no way to find them - that is, until now! The Songs of the Soaps™ is our gift to you.

Throughout this site and on the CDs too, you will see a prominent note which tells you why you haven’t been able to buy collections of these popular songs before - it’s because the shows don’t own them! They can use them in their television programs, but they can’t issue recordings of the songs for the fans to buy. SoapSongs.com™owns the rights to hundreds of the best songs played on many of the soaps over the years, and because so many fans have asked how they could get recordings of them, we are now making them available for the first time ever. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Songs of the Soaps™ is a unique “hit parade” of your favorite soap songs, collectively available no where else. Send us your comments, reviews and requests - we’ll do our best to bring you more of the music you love!

Your friends at SoapSongs.com

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